Creating Your Very Own Nature Legacy

Are you a landowner with property that includes natural features such as forest, wetland, stream, valley land or rare species? Do you want to ensure that these sensitive ecological features are protected for future generations?  While the natural land in your care is protected today, arranging for long-term conservation is the best way to ensure that your property will remain green for generations. By partnering with a conservation organization to safeguard the natural features on your property, you can create a Nature Legacy that will be protected forever. Protecting your land is a rewarding act of philanthropy that can offer significant tax advantages.

Land conservation can provide you with a charitable tax receipt and other benefits such as:

  • Protecting your property in perpetuity
  • Less land for you to maintain
  • Having your property surrounded by a professionally managed conservation area without you footing the bill
  • Less liability

Partners in Conservation

An important step in planning your Nature Legacy is to choose a recipient organization to conserve and steward the natural features on your land in perpetuity according to your wishes. Your local municipality, conservation authority or land trust may be able to partner with you to arrange long-term protection of your property.

Talk to Us

Orland Conservation has experience working with conservation-minded landowners just like you. We can answer any questions you may have and put you in contact with conservation organizations in your area.

By arranging for long-term conservation, you can personally ensure that the natural features on your property will be protected forever. Environmental conservation is a significant gift to nature, the community and future generations. We would be happy to help you create your Nature Legacy.

Conservation Easements

Also called a conservation easement agreement (CEA) in Ontario, a conservation agreement allows you to:

  • Retain ownership of your property while protecting the natural features in perpetuity through a legal agreement between you and a conservation organization
  • Decide to protect the natural features on your property by restricting activities (e.g. development, logging, pollution)
  • A CEA is registered on title and stays with the property even after you sell it
  • The recipient conservation organization will monitor the land annually according to the terms of the CEA

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