Nature Legacies by Landowners

Landowners with property that include natural features such as forest, wetland, stream, valley land or rare species may be interested to learn how to ensure their land is protected in perpetuity. While natural land in landowner care may be protected today, arranging for long-term conservation is the best way to ensure that ecological features will remain protected for generations. By partnering with a conservation organization to safeguard the natural features of either an entire property, or a portion of a land parcel, landowners can create a nature legacy that will be protected forever. Protecting land is a rewarding act of philanthropy that can offer tax advantages.

Conservation Easements

Also called a Conservation Easement Agreement (CEA), a conservation agreement allows a landowner to:

  • Retain ownership of their property while protecting the natural features in perpetuity through a legal agreement between the landowner and a conservation organization
  • Protect the natural features on their property by restricting activities such as deforestation, development, pollution.
  • A CEA is registered on title and stays with the property even after the landowner sells it
  • The recipient conservation organization monitors the land annually according to the terms of the CEA

Land Conservation Benefits

  • Charitable tax receipt
  • Peace-of-mind in knowing that property will be protected from development in perpetuity
  • In the case of protecting a portion of a parcel, the landowner would have the benefit of being surrounded by a professionally managed conservation area without footing the bill
  • Less land to manage and maintain
  • Less liability

Partners in Conservation

An important step in planning a nature legacy is to choose a recipient organization to conserve and steward the property’s natural features in perpetuity. The local municipality, conservation authority or land trust may be able to partner with interested landowners to arrange long-term land conservation.

Orland Conservation has many years of experience working with conservation-minded landowners. We can answer questions and put landowners in contact with local conservation organizations.


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