Habitat loss is the number one threat to wildlife and biodiversity. Land and water conservation efforts conserve, protect and restore wildlife habitat and natural areas through a combination of land securement and stewardship practices.

Food Security

As the climate becomes less predictable, and populations increase and move into denser urban centres, municipalities and regions are increasingly recognizing the need for food strategies. Orland Conservation has a team of


Communications and environmental education are essential tools in the conservation movement. Effective communication will inspire, innovate and accurately convey your organizational values and mission. Promoting the accomplishments of your


Orland Conservation is an environmental consulting group and social enterprise that provides conservation services and land securement expertise towards long-term environmental health and biodiversity protection. Together with our clients, we have  Read More

Land Securement Methods

The Conservation Severance Process

A conservation severance, also called a partial taking, is a land acquisition method where only a portion of a property is secured for conservation rather than the entire parcel. When pursuing a partial taking for conservation purposes, land  Read More


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