Ontario Farmland Trust – Farming & Farmland Partnership Survey

In late 2015, we developed and conducted an on-line survey for the Ontario Farmland Trust to engage Ontario’s conservation authorities in farmland management and conservation. The purpose of the survey was to create a baseline understanding of the extent to which conservation authorities in Ontario are engaged in the acquisition and management of farm properties. 34 out of the 36 Ontario conservation authorities participated in the survey, answering questions related to how much farmland they currently own and/or manage in Ontario and benefits and challenges of these experiences.


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Farmland Acquisition and Management by Ontario Conservation Organizations 2015 Survey Results Cover

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Ontario Farmland Trust Farmland Acquisition & Management by Conservation Organizations 2015


Ontario Farmland Trust

OFT actively protects farmland by working directly with landowners who have a desire to see their farms permanently protected for agriculture. We offer both landowners and community groups tools, such as farmland easement agreements, that can be used to protect individual properties of value to them.

The Mission of the Ontario Farmland Trust is to protect and preserve Ontario farmlands and associated agricultural, natural and cultural features of the countryside through direct land securement, stewardship, policy research and education for the benefit of Ontarians today and future generations.


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